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  • 我最喜欢的动物英语作文怎么写




    My favorite animal is the dog, they not only cute, and very clever, very gentle. Very attractive. My little dog - "full". It is a squirrel dogs, brown body like a cha oil, neck hair round bloom, like a flower. Watery eyes like two glass beads. A thin tail kept shaking, really liked.

    "With more than" a see me, have to jump down immediately. I walked over to it, it came to rush, have a smell of my body, its tail happily swaying, I use said touched its little head, it begin to add me by the hand, feel warm. Sometimes when I was eating, it also want to eat, but I didn't give it, it will make some strange sound to attract my attention.

    It every time after the shower, I take a towel to embrace it, it seems to be a baby, lay quietly in my hands.


    In the animal world, I most like the cheetah.

    The cheetah's really brave. It's flat and smooth, short ears. Two eyes like two, twinkle. There are two prominent muscle in on either side of the face, white, with small black spots, bead point of steel needle of a root beard. There is a a black spots. In addition to the belly is white, the remaining parts of the hair is golden. Its streamline, the whole body presents for sprinting. Its limbs is very rich, full of flexibility. Cheetah's paw is straight, can firmly in the ground, change the running direction. And it is the long tail, can have the effect of acceleration while on the run.

    The running speed of cheetah is very surprising, speed is about 130 kilometers per hour, with fast on the highway running car.

    But, its endurance is poor, high speed running is limited to a few seconds, so has been hailed as a sprint champion.

    Cheetahs hunting is also very interesting. When it found that the deer would be around to look at the first, and see what the intruder. If not, it is with lightning speed to recover to the prey. Easily catch later, it will pull the prey to the grass, enjoy the meal. If the prey in a tree, it jump into the tree to catch the prey, big eat a meal.

    The cheetah is really a lovable animals! But, now is trying to catch some criminals for their own interests cheetah, continue like this, will destroy the cheetah. Please act to protect it together.

    the 小学生叙事作文
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