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    A Report on Children's Gratitude to Their Parents

    Children's lives are given by their parents and originally,children should be grateful to them.Hower,not all the children can do so.A report made recently suggests that one-fourth of the people think that to raise children is the duty of their parents and so children needn't express any gratitude to them.Another one-fourth of the people suppose that there is a big gap between them and their parents.They don't know how to communicate with their parents,let alone to say gratitude.Others say that they hate to express any gratitude.It is boring.

    To respect parents and express our gratitude to them is a good tradition of Chinese people.As far as I am concerned,to we should show our respect and gratitude to our parents.They give birth to us,and undoubtedly we are supposed to be grateful to them in return.


    A survey of good places in our city

    Last week we did a survey of the readers about good places in our city.And this is what we learned.Most of the high schools are good,and the No.10 High School is the best in our city.It has the best teachers and it's the most beautiful.People's Hospital is the best of all.It has the most comfortable beds and the friendliest service.Modern Cinema is the best.It has the biggest screens.The best clothing store in our city is Xiwang Clothing Store.It has the best quality and it's the most popular.As for radio station,most young people think Hefei 168 FM is the best radio station.It has the most news and the most interesting music.



    The survey results can be seen in the novel,like students accounted for the majority of students,is the mainstream of extra-curricular reading,there are various other readings are irreplaceable status and advantage,but further investigation found that these novels,love students,most like martial arts,romance is like work,they only by their own preferences and intuition to

    select,read a lot of blindness.And the reason is reading as a pastime,or enjoy the beautiful jade writing and Jin Yong's martial arts novels thrilling strange plot.From the table we

    can see that the only pipe,many students doesn't like political history,poetry and even popular works,think they are too boring,or too aging too extreme,popular science books too esoteric,lack of vividness and popularity,but we also can not be ignored,with the opening and reform lasting and deep,especially along with the arrival of 21st Century,students began to pay close attention to more and more broad,covered by the point more and more,they have to look to reach the social,the life of this encyclopedia,there are many aspects to understand the social requirements.

    the and 今天我当家作文

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